Consulting projects that were much appreciated by clients

SG conseils inc. helps development organizations, commercial, manufacturing and service businesses, and accounting firms carry their projects to fruition.

Consulting Services

Prepared financial forecasts on several occasions and for various projects. Followed-up on monthly financial statements, and restructured their corporate financial statements. Helped with production/inventory management software integration.

"We greatly appreciated M. Guillot’s quick involvement and his help with our decision-making process."
- François Gouin, CEO

Acted as consultant in preparing financial forecasts and as a partner in project development.

“Over the last few years, we have developed a high level of affinity and complementarity with SG Conseils for our customers. SG Conseils’ business experience and practical experience in financial engineering have always helped optimize our customers’ intervention budgets, to their utmost satisfaction. One customer even received a comprehensive business plan within a week! And as for the tools used, especially EZQ, it makes developing professional financial presentations very quick. EZQ is both efficient and intuitive!”
– Jean-Sébastien Cyr, CEO

Coached them through managing a growth crisis, with monthly follow-ups on financial statements through EZQ. Implemented VAM (Value-Added Management) notions and processes.

“SG Conseils gave us sound advice at crucial moments in our development. His versatility and, most of all, his good reputation helped us tremendously. When I meet my banker and he sees that my forecasts are signed SG Conseils, everything suddenly gets easy!!!”
– Philippe Vachon, co-owner

Restructured their financial statements by activity to obtain the company’s profitability by activity. Prepared financial forecasts by restructuring several entities. Succession coaching while performing monthly follow-ups on their financial statements through EZQ.

“With our restructured financial statements, we could know how profitable we were in each of our activities. Thanks to his financial forecasts, we were able to restructure several entities. Monthly succession coaching sessions, plus a follow-up on our financial statements via EZQ was all reassuring. We were hopeful, but now we are convinced, and I believe that success is now guaranteed.”
– André Deshaies, CEO

Project manager for a productivity increase project (VAP, Kaisen, SMED, etc.) that would allow a quick ROI. Monthly financial statements follow-ups with EZQ.

“Serge is methodical and consistent. He also works very quickly and efficiently. AND he is an excellent financial advisor too. He coached us through our investments.”
– Hugo Michel, CEO

Package Integration

Consulted on financial forecasting and coached on project financing.

“I retained the services of SG conseils to help the company put together forecasted financial statements. Serge’s experience and his efficient EZQ software very quickly produced the results we needed to complete a major part of our business plan that was also crucial to the financial analysis of institutions and agencies. Within the next year, I intend to use the software’s modules that compare discrepancies between budgets and results!”
– Jean-Sébastien Cyr, CEO

Prepared financial forecasts with EZQ; raised financing and government grants for a $10.5M project.

– Sylvain Roux, Executive Director

Trained Pro-Gestion Estrie on EZQ. This organization helps over 200 clients start their own businesses each year. Its highly diversified clientele includes young (under 35) Sherbrooke-based entrepreneurs participating to the “Independent Work Support” program in Sherbrooke, businesspeople immigrating to Estrie, and Estrie-based participants to the “Cercles d’emprunt” program. Eight users are working daily with EZQ.

“We don’t have to make constant adjustments to our financial forecasts anymore: EZQ does it for us, more reliably. And we had the opportunity to work with its designer who provided us with customized adjustments. Now we can put our time and efforts in servicing our clients, knowing that we are using a reliable and up-to-date tool.”
– Céline Coulombe, Operations Manager

CFDC des Sources contributed financial support to the development of EZQ in order to get a software that would help manage its client businesses. Also, Mr. Guillot has been working for this organization as a business advisor since 2003 and as a freelancer since 2007. CFDC des Sources’ advisors are using EZQ to perform monthly follow-ups for several local businesses.

“The Community Futures Development Corporation des Sources has been using SG Conseils’ services and EZQ financial forecasting software since 2006, and we are extremely happy with the results we get out of his services and of EZQ’s performance.”
– Marc Grimard, Executive Director

“The EZQ software is designed for economic development professionals. Beginner, intermediate and expert users alike can easily grasp how the application works. EZQ allows us to quickly produce financial forecasts for any activity sector and follow-up on them. This function is especially useful when implementing management committees. Being able to calculate taxes for other Canadian provinces is also a most useful option when dealing with manufacturing companies.”
– Patrice Parent, Business Development Advisor

Trained and coached them in using EZQ. They are using EZQ with both startups and existing companies.

“This financial forecasting software is incredibly versatile. We are extremely satisfied with it.”
– Yvon d’Aoust, Executive Director